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Publikováno: 06. května 2022 16:06

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Rok 2016 byl... Zvláštní. A taky byl dávno, mějte to na paměti!
Důvod, proč tento výplod vznikl, je idiotský, nechtělo se mi učit na zkoušky.

Námět: X-men a Harry Potter se odehrává ve stejném univerzu, ředitelé britské školy pro čaroděje a školy pro mutanty se jednoho dne skamarádili na základě, já nevim, přízvuku? Představuju si, že profesor X jednoho vleklého odpoledne vlezl do Cerebra a zjistil, že existuje třetí kategorie lidí (krom mutantů a těch bez schopností) a rozhodl se v tom vrtat a tak všichni šli stanovat, aby se seznámili, nebo kýho čerta.

Postavy: Profesor X, Beast, Jean, Nightcrawler, Angel, Dumbledore, Snape, McGonagal... (povídka obsahuje OCs)

Disclaimer: Jsem toho názoru, že Dumbledore je přerostlý sadistický fakan s fetišem na šikanu. Nepoužívám české verze HP jmen a používat je nebudu. Snape si nezaslouží redemption arc a Angel ano.
Ještě drobnost, postava Caroline je modelované OC podle mé kámošky, která strašně chtěla být v příběhu a trvala na tom, že je Snapova dcera, takže cannon příběhu je, že ji adoptovaná na základě unbrakable vow.

Varování: příběh obsahuje vulgarismy, zmínky nelegálních aktivit, strašnej cheese, můj idiotskej humor a skotskou angličtinu. Čtěte na vlastní riziko


Morning. Rei had been looking forward to this particular one for ages, it had seemed. His chocolate-brown eyes scanned his chosen outfit for the last time. White shirt, freshly pressed, covering his narrow shoulders and slander body, black pants hiding just how skinny is legs where. He had tested at least twenty ties before opting for not having one since he was already determined to wear a bandana. Simple brown complimented his caramel hair best, he thought. Rei had worked for Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters for some time now and still was not sure if the fact he had cat ears and teeth was to be bluntly presented to the general public.
He skipped down the stairs and fixed his gaze among a group of students. “Eden,” he called softly and one of the girls immediately left the group. She was nothing too special safe for her purple hair and the fact she was no taller than the tiny Dr Panta, as he was called. Eden Brown was headed to a committee hearing regarding a summer exchange. Something she found a bit redundant since she was the only one having to go through the process.
Xavier’s office was occupied by the professor himself and another man. He was tall even sitting down and when he stood up to shake Rei’s hand, a familiar unwelcomed quiver raced down the young doctor’s knees.
“Profesor Dumbledore, this is Doctor Panta and our Eden,” Xavier announced softly.
Eden gave somewhat of a bow and positioned herself behind Rei as if she were afraid.
“I have been told a friend of yours demands you join the programme.” Dumbledore spoke softly, yet it gave Rei goose bumps.
“Kurt, we grew up together… sort of. … Sir.” Her voice crackled slightly. “He got re-positioned from the Munich Circus to California. We… He is like a brother to me.”
“Charles tells me you have an ability that may pose somewhat of a thread to some people.”
Rei took a deep breath but Eden was quicker and suddenly her voice was louder and filled to the brim with confidence and just a hint of cheek: “With all due respect, sir, I find this situation to be unnecessary, uncalled for, unprofessional and while we are on the uns, undermining my self-confidence. I am not dangerous. Not unless I choose to be, just like anyone else. If Warren and Jean can go, I should be able to as well without this charade. Thank you.”
Dumbledore gave a chuckle which made Eden frown. “What is it that you can do, young lady?”
Eden took a breath again and looked at the Professor and Doctor for reassurance. Then she begun to sing:

Hush little baby, please don’t cry, I’m gonna sing you a lullaby,
Hush little baby, don’t say a word, Eden’s gonna buy you a mocking bird.

A small blue bird made from light appeared in her outstretched hand.

And if that mocking bird won’t sing, Eden’s gonna buy you a diamond ring

As the bird vanished, a gold ring with a massive diamond appeared in its place.

And if that diamond ring won’t shine, Eden’s gonna buy you a glass of wine.

The diamond cracked and disappeared in a second as it was replaced with a crystal goblet. Eden handed it to Dumbledore, who gave the contents a sniff.
“I’m impressed,” he mused. “You can conjure up real things?”
“Only things, hence the bird.” Eden looked pleased. “Nothing living will last longer than the end of the song. Unless it was real to begin with, I can call on various animals and make people dance, sleep or even cook. Depending on the song.”
“Eden here,” said Xavier, “is a suggestive conjurer.”
“I coined that,” muttered Rei as if not sure if he wanted anyone to know.
“How can this possibly be dangerous?” Dumbledore inquired.
“Ever heard of the song Everything burns, sir?” Eden answered rather too enthusiastically. The tall wizard shrugged and started laughing.


Kurt was setting up tent. Jean had set hers up earlier using her psychic powers and had offered Warren and Eden the same but was refused. In Warren’s case it was purely because he had wanted to be his own tent setter-upper as he had put it. Eden opted to sleep in Kurt’s tent along with him.
Rei and the head doctor of the X-men (Butch Reaper, MD, a huge Scottish man with a beard and receding hair, both red) attempted to adjust to the wizard tent set up for the staff. The problem was the inner volume seemed to be much bigger then the outer one and it gave both the respective doctors a splitting headache. The other side of the staff was another thing. Rei had noticed, to his demise, he was the youngest one at the fragile age of twenty-four.
Butch had settled much easier since he had been used to seeing things normal people where not accustomed to. “Whit a braw place tae bide. It's awfy rare,” he muttered softly as he entered his new accommodations. “Rei, tek the blasted thing offa ya head, ya look like a bloody chamber maid.”
“I would have chosen a cleaner delivery but your friend is right, you do look rather silly.”
Rei swung around to find Minerva McGonagall towering over him, casting a slim shadow far into the distance. “Madam… Professor… Hello!” He backed away fiddling with a Hawaii-style shirt way too big to have been his own and grabbing his newly installed white bandana with the other hand. Slowly, he slid it downward revealing his light brown cat ears.
“Much better,” said the professor with a smile.


Eden was in the middle of putting her things in her tent when she was approached by a young boy with blond hair. Before Malfoy could get any closer, Warren descended slowly next to the girl.
“Glee Club,” he said.
“Redbull,” she answered not looking up from her bag.
“What is this supposed to be?” Malfoy interrupted lifting something what looked to him like purple beads on a string.
Eden looked around. “That’s my rosary, I was looking for that.”
Malfoy pulled his hand away from hers and examined what he had found. “What’s it for?”
“Praying, Kurt made it for me, now, please, give it back.”
Malfoy’s eyes flickered as he took two steps back and Warren immediately reached into his backpack and pulled out a bottle of root beer. “The blue freak makes trinkets?” Malfoy asked slyly as Warren ooed unto his bottle.
Eden took a deep breath. “I will only say this once: insult my family again, and I will end you. Now give me back my rosary.”
Malfoy pulled on the string and smiled. “Make me.”
“Warren?!” Eden demanded.
The winged mutant smiled. “She warned you, now let’s see the show.” Then he turned to Eden: “Sick ’em Oolala.”
Eden frowned as she took a step forward.

This is what we feared

The paleface is a demon

The only thing they feel at all is greed

Two steps and she was next to Malfoy who started to grow horns on his head. One could not tell if he was growing paler from shock or from Eden’s power.

Beneath that milky hide

There's emptiness inside

I wonder if they even bleed

A slim purple dagger appeared in her hand which she pressed ever so slightly against the frightened wizards neck. “Give it back.”
Malfoy begun to scream and clutch his newly formed horns and dropped the rosary in Eden’s outstretched hand. Warren started cheering as Malfoy fell over and continued to scream.
Suddenly Kurt morphed next to Eden who swiftly hid the dagger. “What have you done?” he demanded not really shocked, in a fatherly voice.
Warren was kneeling on the ground from laughing so hard. “Oh smeg, Sister Mary Smurfett, you missed the showdown of the century!” he howled.
“He called you a name,” Eden said quietly, barely audible in all the mess. “And took my rosary.”
Suddenly the meadow was full of people, including teachers. Rei went straight to Malfoy but was outrun by Professor Snape who managed to at least quiet the boy down.
“Eden,” Rei said calmly, “please restore that boy.”
Everyone fixed their eyes on her, teachers, students and the two doctors. “No,” she said calmly. “Now his face matches his heart. If everyone could be like that, the world would be a much…”
Snape stood up and darted so fast he was just a blur. His face was now an inch from Eden’s. “If you can un-do it, un-do it NOW!” he howled.
Kurt grabbed Eden by the shoulders as she spoke again: “I can. I choose not to. He called Kurt a name. He was mean.”
“Eden, please,” Kurt whispered. “Don’t be that way.”
Finally she folded. One song later, Malfoy was being served hot cocoa on the far end of camp. Eden was on her side with Kurt and Warren. The winged mutant had yet to stop sniggering.
A small group of wizards slowly approached the mutants after dinner. Eden opted to eat at her tent and Kurt stayed behind so she would not be alone. Leading the little group was a golden-haired girl with big eyes and even bigger glasses on her forehead, behind her walking swiftly was another girl, this one had long black hair in a tight bun on the top of her head and dark eye makeup. Closing the trio was a boy who might just joined them by accident or against his will.
“I’m Luna,” announced the first one. “That was very brave what you did. This is Caroline and Neville.”
Eden looked up from her now empty dish. Was this girl taunting her? “Don’t know what you are talking about,” she said as she begun to chase a lonesome pea on her plate with a fork.
“You stood up for someone, that’s brave,” Luna said in her dazed voice sitting on the grass in front of the mutants. “What are your names?”
“I’m the Archangel Gabriel, that’s Pope Indigo, Selena Gomez and ginger is the Seer of Thebes,” said Warren as he helped himself to a bottle of beer from his bag.
“Stuff a sock in it,” said Eden and Caroline both at once. They looked at each other and both gave a little laugh. Eden continued: “My name is Eden, this is Kurt, Jean and this charming overgrown parrot is Warren.”
“Good evening,” said Kurt and waved his two fingered hand.
“Oooh, that’s something new!” Luna exclaimed excited.
“Ask him for a high five, I dare you,” Warren muttered sitting down under a tree. “Wanna beer, E.T.? Or you, Juke?”
“We are forbidden to drink here,” Kurt muttered.
“I’ll have one,” Caroline said sitting down next to Warren. “Heaven’s not much fun?”
“Low on booze and gambling, I’m afraid.” Caroline was handed a cold bottle. Warren opened it with a spike on the hinge of his wing. “Y’all wanna play a game?”
Kurt looked up with an expression of fear for the safety of all mankind.
“To get to know each other, I say we play truth or dare.”
“Warren…!” Kurt muttered but it was too late. Everyone sat down in a circle.
“Moonchild, you go first,” Warren announced gesturing toward Luna with his beer.
“Um…” she mused. “Kurt, truth or dare?”
“Truth,” he sighed heavily.
“Is it true your skin is fuzzy?”
Kurt rolled up one of his sleeves and positioned his hand close to Luna: “Yes.” She rubbed his arm for a bit and looked satisfied.
“My turn,” Kurt announced. “Caroline, truth or dare?”
“You people are no fun,” Warren proclaimed flinging his hands up.
“Are you somehow connected to Professor Snape?”
Everyone looked at Caroline waiting. “He’s my step-father.”
“Well bust my legs and call me shorty, I’m drinking with a teacher’s daughter.” Warren fell over laughing.
“Okay, loud-mouth, truth or dare?” Caroline looked at Warren with a gleam in her eye.
“This is getting interesting, dare me, sucker.”
“Since you can fly,” she said with a raised eyebrow, “Fly around the camp naked, twice. No cheating.”
Warren smiled as he stood up taking off his shirt and trousers. Before he went any further, Luna attempted to cover Neville’s eyes but the boy had already hidden his head entirely in his robes. Warren smiled as he deliberately turned to Caroline stripping himself of his last bit of clothing. Then he flew up about three feet and begun to swiftly circle the camp like a white apparition. After the second round was done, he put on a portion of his clothes and continued: “Now, Eden…”
“No,” she said grimly. “I am not letting you dare me and there is nothing you don’t know about me, so just -”
“Make him smile.” Warren was pointing a finger at Neville who looked like he was at gunpoint.
“That’s your dare?” Eden asked.
“Yes. Make the shy kid smile.”
Eden picked a daisy from the grass and stood up. She went over to Neville and prompted him to follow. “I won’t hurt you, okay?” Nodding. “Take this,” she handed him the daisy, “and look that way. Don’t think too much.” Eden stood slightly aside of Neville who had his gaze fixed on the treeline in the distance.

Flower, gleam and glow
Let your power shine
Make the clock reverse
Bring back what once was mine

Heal what has been hurt
Change the Fates' design
Save what has been lost
Bring back what once was mine

What once was mine

No one moved. First the flower actually glowed, slightly then more. Whatever the boy saw, he had the most satisfied smile on his face for the whole duration of it. Tears ran down his face when he ran to hug Eden and nearly knocked her over. Eden hugged him back lovingly and waited until he let go first.

“Did you… did they…?” he begun to stutter.
“Only you saw what you saw,” Eden said. “I figured since I know nothing about you, perhaps you would like to see the thing you thought you never will. I know I would.”

“You can call on the dead?” Luna inquired with interest.

“I can make you see them but they are not real, not ghosts or anything.”

Warren leaned over to Caroline: “Before Kurt found out he cancels her dream powers by sleeping next to her, there was some of the weirdest shit happening. And I’m not even joking. You go get a glass of water in the middle of the night – BOOM! – can’t, a dragon is guarding the kitchen. The first time I had this happen to me, I ran to tell someone and I had to pee in a cup.”
“They did find something on you, you know,” said Eden, poking his ribs playfully.
“Look who’s here for another makeover.” Warren was pointing toward a distant approaching figure. “Oi, Blondie, wanna felt coat to go with the head gear?”
It was, indeed, Malfoy. He stopped so they were separated by a good deal of grass but far enough to be heard without shouting. “Birds of feather?” he smirked.
Warren, still only sporting his red and black stripped boxers, stood up. “I’m offended. You two,” he looked at Kurt and Eden, “Smite him.”
“People don’t smite, Warren,” Kurt said pulling two beers from the bag with his tail, ignoring Malfoy altogether. “God does.”
“Still God.” Two hissing sounds and a cling as Eden and Kurt did a cheers. “Prost.”
Eden looked up at Warren: “You gonna reference something, read the source material at least.”
Malfoy was red in the face. “You, filthy little rat, are going to get thrown out of camp and your school, I’ll see to it.”
“Are you gonna let Bleach-brain talk to her like that, Kurt?” Warren asked sitting down again.
Eden was the one to speak: “Like you, he doesn’t know his facts. Rats are not only intelligent and social but also very clean. Had two wonderful babies myself.”
“You had rats as pets?” Luna’s eyes went wide with excitement.
“Are you deaf?” Malfoy howled.
Warren twitched an ear: “Anyone hear a sound?”
Malfoy had had enough and charged at the nearest and safest choice of opponent with fists balled and ready. His hand froze so close to Kurt’s face the mutant could smell the soap from it. Jean was standing by her tent, hand on her temple. Malfoy tried his best to move his fist but it was glued in mid-air.
“Nope, that’s not gonna work, Blondie. You gonna have to cut it off survival style.” Warren slowly walked next to Malfoy and handed him a cutlery knife from Eden’s dinner.
Kurt stood up and took the knife from Warren throwing it at a curve back on the plate. “Stop it both of you, please.” Malfoy could move again. He was much shorter then Kurt now the mutant had stood up. “You can sit with us and play a game or you can leave. Don’t taunt us and don’t ask for trouble.”
Malfoy jumped back and extended his arm backward to throw another punch, aiming for Kurt’s stomach.
Kurt was now standing behind him with both hands on his shoulders.
Kurt returned alone, he appeared sitting in his previous spot sipping beer like nothing happened.
“Did you banish him to another realm of existence?” Caroline asked.
“No, just the far side of camp.” Kurt stared into the distance.
“Like a BAWS! High five, dude.” Warren flung his hand into the air.
Kurt never skipped a beat as Caroline was losing her wits at the phrase, and clapped his hand against Warren’s.
“Can you actually do that? Banish people?” Neville spoke for the first time in his normal voice and sounded a little concerned.
“No,” Kurt answered reassuringly. “I can only poof around the physical world and only if I know where I’m going. Besides, this boy looks like he will pee his pants at the sight of a butterfly, doing what I did might leave him scared enough not to come back.”
“He won’t,” Jean said with a smile sitting down with the group again. “He got sick and is now taking things lying down.”


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Lucylle - 13. května 2022 21:34
Tumiran - 13. května 2022 20:58
:-D :-D

Hele, tuhle povídku jem rozepsala a nedopsala o zkouškovém, abych se vyhla učení, takže to je to, co to je, ale díky, svou angličtinu nosím jako korunu. :-)
Mám i druhou půlku, ale to sem nahodím, leda by byl zájem.
Tumiran - 13. května 2022 20:58
Tédáá, smekám před tvou schopností psát v angličtině takové popisy. Pěkná slovní zásoba. Něco jsem si musel i přeložit s dopomocí.

Z X-menů mě baví akorát Wolverine. Říkej tomu třeba omezenost. A do světa H.P. (nemyslím Hewlett&Packard) nejsem zažraný vůbec. Ale co, Malfoye zná každý, kdo aspoň viděl jedničku.
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