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Who said that the soul didn`t exist?

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Omnipresent Omnipotent Being - 27. listopadu 2020 22:45
Year 2094

Civilisation as we know it has ceased to exist. The planet has suffered multiple natural disasters, civil wars and terrorist attacks in the last decade and is dying at a steady pace. The temperatures around the Equator have risen so much in the last 50 years that the only habitable places on earth are now in the far north and far south of the continents - or the remnants of what they used to be. Much of the land has now been flooded and the repeated and always returning pandemics of aggressive mutations of coronavirus, ebola and polio have now killed more than 75% of the population of the planet. The communities are small and far apart and the wealth is predominantly in the hands of the top 1% of the corporations. Trash is covering the land and poisoning the oceans. In the streets, more robots than humans can be seen - patrolling, cleaning and keeping the world going.

The human race is on decline. They are not hunted, nor systematically killed by the robots, because the world leaders believe that sooner or later, they will die out anyway. In the meantime, a group of leading human biologists is secretly developing a new technology which could possibly save this world from complete extinction - an upgrade of a human race. Genetic engineering which was banned and criticised at the beginning of this century could now resurrect the world. The path is long though, long and trouble some.

We are in Canada. In the ruins of what used to be suburban Montreal. Human community here is mostly concentrated around a wealthy jewish immigrant who owns a bookstore. They stay low, grow and harvest their own food. There is about 30-50 of them, depending on the season and on the migration. They are unaggressive and welcoming - if you are willing to work for your food and if you have something to bring to the community. Part of the system of the maintained buildings in the village is also a small Catholic Church. The young priest - priest Immoos, has never left his church, though is an active part of the community - also considering himself a religious and spiritual guidance. The crypt of the church is a secret micro base for the resistance which is at this point only at the stage of raw ideas. The most pronounced phrases include gen-mech [genetic and mechanical] engineering and virus worms invading the brains of the robots. The angry youth needs the brain of the operation though which they are currently lacking. The priest doesn't openly support their movement, though he silently accepts their presence.

The religion has suffered a huge turnaround in the last 40 years. The new discoveries in the field of astronomy have claimed new findings about the origin of several world leading religions which led to loss of their followers and redefinition of spirituality. Much of the population decided to turn their third eyes into themselves as opposed to the past, when they gazed towards the sky. The world became Godless. Some of the original followers and servants of God as we used to know him remained stagnant and didn't change their point of view. Immoos - who is a second generation Canadian born descendant of Dutch origin is at the point of breaking. The pivotal moment of his life is coming. Either he is going to be able to redefine his faith or he loses it and has to redefine himself.

An electromagnetic storm is coming from the south. The whole community is bracing for several days with no electricity and connection to any of the networks. They are worried for their servers, their technology and also they crops if the storm brings severe hail.
Immoos finds a quiet moment for himself at the edge of the safe zone and prays towards the sky.

Omnipresent Omnipotent Being - 25. listopadu 2020 23:48
What happens if a young priest has to face a loss of his faith and God stops answering his prayers? Can he find the light in the darkness? What happens if the doubts creep in and if he seeks the divine in the darkest shade? Who can lead him through to the dawn of a new day?

Only through darkness, the light can be seen.
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