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Mass Effect: Aphelion

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Bimba - 20. ledna 2017 10:00
Dobrodružství vytaženo z odpadu. Držím vám palce, ať tam znovu nespadnete a dovete jeskyni ke zdárnému konci.
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The Void - 03. ledna 2017 21:49
Budeme pokračovať, pracuje sa na tom.
Bimba - 01. ledna 2017 20:34
Vymetáme pavouky! Vaše dobrodružství spadlo do kolonky "Už se dlouho nehrálo - odpad" a stalo se jedním z nich. Máte-li zájem pokračovat ve hraní nebo vyměnit vypravěče, napište mi to sem jako herní příspěvek. Můžete mi též napsat poštou. Pokud nic z toho neučiníte do dvou týdnů, tato jeskyně bude ukončena a vaše postavy si budou muset najít novou práci.


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Ni`ratha Ruis - 03. října 2016 20:22

The crash

Just one look seems to be enough for her to realise how stupid she looks compared to Evenea - the panic in her eyes, her hands shaking and on her face, a weird expression of mixed pain and shock, while the other Asari seems to be cold, calm and... “Well, she looks like she knows what do to.”
Because what they showed her on a clinic was nothing compared to this. Sure, she’d seen injuries which made her stomach twist, but that is not the problem. No - the cause of all of her terror and fear is that this is real - and it is happening to her. Her friends, people who’ve been almost like her family - their bodies are scattered all around her.
They’re dead. All of them.
But why? Why them? What caused this mayhem?
She inhales deeply, trying to calm herself down. She doesn’t want to look like a little scared child, she is a soldier after all - and the fact that Evenea seems to be more experienced than her doesn’t mean that she should rely only on her. She needs to pull herself together and focus on more important stuff - and that, in this very moment, is to survive. And to save as many as she can.
She eyes Evenea, but when she realises that she doesn’t need her help with their injured pilot, she grabs all she can before she follows them. The bags are heavy - but she would not complain, even thought her muscles hurt so, so much. She could use some of the analgetics, too - but it would make her senses blurry and that’s the last thing she needs right now.

“I don’t like this,” she finds herself whispering, her eyes looking at the stairs. It shouldn’t be here - there are no signs of civillization, no signs of any life but them. Hell, this whole planet should be dead, inhabited by nothing but rocks. Why would perfectly shaped stairs just appear out of nowhere?
“We should be careful. We do not know what we’re going to find here.” Even though she knows that Evenea knows, she couldn’t stop herself from voicing her fears. This is not right. If they can find ANY way of getting out of here, they should do it as quickly as possible. “But there is no way. Our ship is in ruins, everyone is dead.”
Life is funny - after all of what they’ve been through, their mission will end like this - they will all die on an unknown planet, with no way of letting anyone know what happened.
She bites her tongue, struggling to keep up with Evenea and the pilot, breathing heavily. Her arm aches, but the pain only makes her go faster - well, it is nice to remember some of her training after a long while of despair and panic.
She doesn’t speak much, too, and as they’re ascending the seemingly neverending stairs, the sound of a well-known rhyme makes her heart beat a little bit slower.
As they reach the top, she wishes nothing but to lie down and rest. She drops the bags and finds herself a little bit annoyed by the commands barked at her. But she doesn’t say a word, and with a little bit of struggling and cursing under her breath, she manages to build a little tent. It is not very sturdy - but it will be enough for Anara and the two of them to rest and regain some of her strength.
She sits down for a while, watching Evenea, studying her face.

“Maybe we shouldn’t attract more attention by setting up a fireplace.” she says, but immediately realises how paranoid she sounds. Anara needs warmth, they all do. Nothing lives here - perhaps someone lived here centuries ago. They’re not going to freeze to death.
“I’m sorry,” she whispers quickly, shaking her head and avoiding Evenea’s eyes. She helps her a little, then starts splitting up their food to equal parts.
“We should start looking for more life-pods tomorrow. Perhaps... perhaps there is someone who survived like we did.” She knows it’s unlikely to happens - but there is always some hope left. [/justify]
Evenea S`haara - 03. září 2016 22:38

The Crash

The second-in-command kneels to inspect Anara's wounds. Doped by medi-gel, she seems very oblivious of her state. "Anara's tough, she'll make it," Evenea says, gently petting the little pilot's head. "Give her a little more of that stuff." The girl may not survive to see the sunrise on this queer planet, let her enjoy life while she can.

Doesn't matter if Ni'ratha does as she bids, Evenea pulls their patient up, careful not to hurt her anymore. The walk would kill her, that's for sure, so she decides to bring her up the cliffs in her arms, as a babe.
"Take everything you can, all of it. Throw some stuff you can't my way."

With those words, she makes the first steps towards the unappealing greyness. Anara combined with the weight of the supplies in little bags dubbed lifebags makes her arms throb. She's used to bearing heavy stuff, though, armour, weaponry, all that, so a lithe pilot with lifebags full of blankets and stale bread's nothing compared to what she had to get through as a novice.

Halfway through the wild, stark dunes of the rock-and-sand beach, she notices something quite... queer.
"Steps?" It's not like they don't have steps back on Thessia, but... steps. This piece of rock in the middle of nowhere may not be as lifeless as the Kali's crew fist thought.

Queer or not, the steps are the only thing that can bring them up to the top of the cliffs. Carved into the grey-black wind slashed cliffs themselves, they make good footing. No grass orplants grow on the steps, nor any animals lived underneath, so nothing blocks their route upwards.

It takes best part of an hour to see the end, and another half an hour to get there. All the way, she said not a word, unlike the pilot which got quite fond of an old asari nursery rhyme. All the way, she was thinking. The steps creep Evenea out. Who made them? But more importantly, why do they look so... well-kept? She thought, as they finally emerged on a grassland completely bordered by tall thickly grown pine-lie trees.

"We should make camp," she says suddenly, after a time of silence, while putting Anara down for a minute. "There should be a tent. Kinda tent. Get it out," she asks her only able-bodied companion. Her words sound harsh and commanding, but that's only natural for someone working for the military.

While the tent is being set up, Evenea goes on to the forest's border to find twigs, branches or boughs, anything to make fire from. Close, but not too close, she tries make out what's hiding in te darkness behind the trees. Whatever it is, it's not friendly.

Returning shortly, she's onto firemaking right away.
"We got to ration our food and find some more. Also keep the brat warm," she gestures towards their pilot.
Bimba - 03. září 2016 09:34
Dobrodružství vytaženo z odpadu. Držím vám palce, ať tam znovu nespadnete.
Nezapomínejte, že pokud uplyne 6 měsíců od posledního příspěvku, dobrodružství bude automaticky ukončeno.


Evenea S`haara - 02. září 2016 19:34
Nerusit, sme iba lenivy, ale rozbehne sa to tu!
Bimba - 02. září 2016 13:10
Vymetáme pavouky! Vaše dobrodružství spadlo do kolonky "Už se dlouho nehrálo - odpad" a stalo se jedním z nich. Máte-li zájem pokračovat ve hraní nebo vyměnit vypravěče, napište mi to sem jako herní příspěvek. Můžete mi též napsat poštou. Pokud nic z toho neučiníte do dvou týdnů, tato jeskyně bude ukončena a vaše postavy si budou muset najít novou práci.


PS: Používejte klasickou poštu, nikoliv herní - k té nemám přístup.
Ni`ratha Ruis - 26. července 2016 09:42

The Crash

With the adrenaline rushing through her veins, the pain is just a tiny thought in her head, pushed somewhere back. But she can still feel it - and be sure that there is something wrong with her right arm. As long as you can walk, she thinks to herself. Anara can't and since she is the deck doctor's assistant, she is obliged to help her - to cease the pain and to make sure that she'll survive.

Something gains her attention - as she's walking towards the nearest lifepod, a silhouette appears and shouts. Only a second after she recognises the other Asari that was in their life pod. She lets out a little sigh.
I'm not alone. Somebody else survived - maybe SHE knows what happened.

"Thank you," she says, her eyes looking at the bag in her hands. There is no time to lose, Anara's condition could be far worse than she expected.
"I... I don't know if she'll be able to make it with us," she speaks quietly to make sure that their pilot doesn't hear it. There is a chance that Anara has internal bleeding and if that's the truth, there is not much she could do.
But she doesn't tell that to Evenea - since that is her name, as she recalls. Not until she is 100% sure.

She gets down on her knees, opens the bag and examines their pilot. There IS a lot of blood - wounds on her arms, abdomen, legs. Her fingers are softly tracing along her skin, applying medigel where she can. Finally, after a while, she straightens up and looks at the officer.

"There is no internal bleeding, thankfully. But her leg is broken, as well as... three ribs." Broken ribs aren't the real problem, though - her ankle is fixated, but it will be painful to walk with it. As long as she survives.

"I've administered her some analgetics," she tells Evenea and then turns to Anara.
"You should try to stand up. We will help you. It will hurt, but you must overcome the pain." Although her voice is still shaking, her medical training gave her some advantage - she is used to work with patient under pressure. She grabs their pilot under one shoulder and asks Evenea to grab the other one.

Evenea S`haara - 30. června 2016 18:01

The Crash

When Evenea S'haara finally let her body fall onto the rough, stiff bed, it seemed to her as if she were sleeping in the bosom of the Goddess herself. She was frustrated from doing the peacemaker. As First Commander, she is... she was responsible for the good-being of the crew. While the old women argued, she ran the day-to-day chores. After a whole day of shouting orders and keeping the world from falling apart, she asked for one free evening. That was all. One night of peace, sweet sweet sleep, not bothered by any of the two matriarchs. Evenea deserved it.

However, while the mortals hope, the gods play. It wasn't an hour her eyes shut with a dreamless sleep, when an earthquake of extraordinary magnitude threw her at the opposite wall. Cursing Anara, she did not realise what had truly happened. Not until the shrieking of sirens filled the room, and the air suddenly went thick, unbreathable from fear that clung onto her soul.

Something's wrong. With a speed of a salarian, Evenea took her gun and sprinted straight to the bridge, followed by explosions and shouts for help. The officer ignored the pleas, whoever called for help from the trapped rooms was as good as dead. Her only concern were the matriarch, without whom this expedition is but lost.

As she neared her finish line, another explosion came, and with that another earthquake.
There are no earthquakes in space, idiot. This one shook the entire corridor, turning it upside down. A huge iron bar fell from the ceiling, cutting her way. Only a second of hesitance and she could've joined her sisters.

With the doors barred, she had to find another route. But as soon turned out, that was uncessary. A dying star reached its final point inside the bridge, sending pieces of metal, walls, panels and asari around me. It must've been a star, no man-made bomb has such a capacity of destruction.

At this point, it was clear to her that there's no sense in running 'round the decks, searching a backdoor to matriarch A'elia's private quarters. The explosion took most from the front of the ship, including the officer room, with officers still inside. If it weren't for the automatic force-field designed to replace walls in time of highest need, she'd be flying through the galaxy by now.

Instead, she turned back, towards the lower parts of the ship, hoping for a life-pod popping up on the way. She had to jump over her dead crewmen, saying a silent prayer for each of them, with lots of curse words, threatening the bastards that decided to shoot them while their non-agression waves were turned on, as they were since they had left the Citadel dockyard. They would state any passing ship that any attempt of force is considered as a reason enough to evaporate any bold idiot trying to attack an asari warship. No one in the Council space was so stupid.
But we are no longer in Council space.

Suddenly, she ran into another officer. Tall, with mighty stature, rough face, but a fine bosom and deep purple eyes, Raana was more pretty than anytime before. Evenea was so happy to see her, she completely forgot there was a disaster going on.

"Raana, what are you...?" she felt herself slip into that abyss again, kingdom of delight and warmth. She could hear the silent beeping of machines and their hushed voices, as they broke one rule after another, together.

Until the voice of commanding officer Po'te shook her awake.
"Where are the matriarchs?"

However cruel she might've seemed that moment, Raana was, again, right. This was not a time for pillowtalk. "Dead, both. I... I couldn't save them. Raana, I..."

Raana silently nodded, taking her by the arm and half-dragging her in a swift attempt to reach the life-pods. They were silent, as she ignored every word spoken, concentrated on her one mission. When they finally reached one, Raana pulled open its door. "Get in," she said, her voice stern.

"Are you not coming with me? Come with me. Don't leave me!" The voice that spoke the words was shaken, a little girl's or a worried wife's, not a soldier's hardened by war. That's what she were in that moment. A scared child.

Raana sensed her worries. Suddenly, amidst the shattered glass and shrieking of the damned, they joined, exchanging their fondest memories. The one among the engines, the one at the one-room apartment on the Citadel, their long walks and the ones where they were all alone, blood of theri enemies painting them red, green and purple.

When she came back, all went unnaturally cold. Wordlessly, Raana had caressed her cheek before running back where they came from. Evenea knew what all that had meant. And she wasn't satisfied with it at all.

She broke down. Next thing she knew, someone rushed in, followed by another. It all went dark then. Her last thoughts were of Thessia, and the warm kisses of her guardian angel.


She drags them both out of the water, placing them beside each other on the rock-and-sand beach. The fall was a madness, but now they're safe. At least for the moment. When she makes sure her half-dead squadmates are not in any immediate danger, she swims back onto the open sea, to find a a shuttle that has broken on the rocks underwater, on its way from heavens. Evenea disappears in the cold, dark water, searching for bags of food, water, medigel, guns, the basics with which every lifeship is equipped with.

Emerging with a huge blue bag, that's hopefully water resistant, she swims back onto the beach. As she's nearing, a figure walks towards her.
Either they gained consciousness, or something's very wrong. Her pace gets faster.

When able to stand, she cries out to the awoken asari, to gain her attention. Hopefully it's the one skilled at medicine. As she grabbed her drowning body from the life-pod, she recognised the face of a ship doctor. Or its assistant. Doesn't matter. If she can patch them other one up, the officer does not care.

"Saved your trouble, here," she throws the supply bag onto the dirty ground. "Patch her up and then we make for the cliffs. Maybe there's wood for fire, or other survivors."

The cold, grey, cliffs she's pointing at look very much unwelcoming. But that's their only chance for survival. "What's up with the little one?" Her head hints at the half-dead pilot. Well, ex-pilot now. o.s. © 2003 - 2017 hostováno na VPS u
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